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Wholesale Supplier PPE

Many new supplies have been recently produced to help with the personal protective equipment safety measures for the general public. That means we can all have access to lots of protective safety wear to prevent us from catching the virus. A lot of the community have reused their masks for a long time, sometimes forContinue reading “Wholesale Supplier PPE”

A Reason CPS takes Children from innocent parents.

https://vm.tiktok.com/3yQpV8/ CPS continues to use fabrication for courts to remove and keep innocent parents from their children. CPS brainwashes foster and adoptive parents to think the removed child(ren)’s biological parents are abusive, alcoholic, drug addicts, or financially and mentally unstable to care for their children. The foster caregivers stepping-in to coordinate with CPS in savingContinue reading “A Reason CPS takes Children from innocent parents.”

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