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Many new supplies have been recently produced to help with the personal protective equipment safety measures for the general public. That means we can all have access to lots of protective safety wear to prevent us from catching the virus.

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A lot of the community have reused their masks for a long time, sometimes for months after it’s completely damped with moisture, and spit, and still wears it after it’s almost comparable to a wet rag. Viruses and other pollutants simply will not be filtered through a wet mask, therefore it’s easy to get a misconception that masks don’t work; however, when properly worn, it is way better than facing the use of a ventilator down the line.

Hospitals and front-line workers use N95 filtering masks, which filters 95% or more of pollutants, chemicals, odor, dust, bacteria, and viruses and worn correctly; they can keep lives safe. But the exterior of the masks may be contaminated from all the filtration going on, then to reuse it, the process of taking it off, refitting on; touching here and there, pollutants will definitely end up in your respiratory tract. And, cause a lowered oxygen level that will impact the general health of that individual.

Since we have to save the N95 masks for hospital workers, luckily, we have the alternative KN95 facemasks to protect everyone from the virus. And, with the same four to five-layer filtration, yes, it does save lives if worn correctly, it sure does work.

Lives are more important than the agenda. So whatever theories are out there doesn’t matter the lives that are still living, we must protect. And, children’s disposable masks are available too.

We’re all in this together. On Sale Now. If you’re a School, Government, or Institution, contact http://www.WholesaleSupplierPPE.com/products for FDA and NIOSH Certification and let them know your specifications, they will provide all compliant documentation.

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