A Reason CPS takes Children from innocent parents.


CPS continues to use fabrication for courts to remove and keep innocent parents from their children.

CPS brainwashes foster and adoptive parents to think the removed child(ren)’s biological parents are abusive, alcoholic, drug addicts, or financially and mentally unstable to care for their children. The foster caregivers stepping-in to coordinate with CPS in saving these children as a “heroic” gesture, unbeknownst to fall trap into CPS lies, for the purposes of deceiving foster and adoptive parents believing they’re doing the right thing, by taking care of the children so the children will be safer with the new home instead.

The foster homes ignore the children’s declarations by CPS instructions telling the new home that the children are liars, and wouldn’t know any better, and just misses their biological parents, so they would tell the foster home lies about how wonderful their parents are and not what the CPS alleges wrongfully about their biological parents.

The foster or adoptive home must go through mandatory classes that teaches them not to believe the children and that because their biological parents are ill, it must run in the children’s genes to be ill as well. (Unfortunately for CPS, most children tend to tell the truth unlike what’s taught to foster homes.) Therefore, if the foster home cannot be permanent, then the child or children end up in shelters or group homes where they end up medicated, trafficked, deprived, raped, slaved, or dead.

Actually the foster home gets the department the most incentive if the department can fit the child and parent into a “hard to handle” category.

CPS disallows meaningful communication between the foster home, biological parents and children so that no one can discover and link back evidence to use against CPS and with no real communication, CPS will be able to cover up their own fraud.

Once the statue of limitations for appeal expires; the lengthy wait for leaders to ever respond; or to have any winning lawyers to take the case or speak the truth at realistically reasonable costs to innocent parents; CPS would have already enjoyed the incentives and bonuses of making up stories about “hard to deal with” child(ren) and “mentally ill” parents.

The department splits their incentives, while workers and supervisors go buy themselves mansions, at the expense of tortured, dead children, and crushed parents; while leaders pretend to not know about the irreversible damage they’ve encouraged upon American families.

To Leaders

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Ellen Lee, another social worker who prides in ripping children from their innocent parents.

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