Parental Rights Terminates in 15 Months

Child Protective Services of DHFS, aggressively invents fraud allegations against parents nationwide to obtain and maximize ASFA funding, with a goal of up to 18 years for each child.

CPS retaliates with Selective Child Reassignment & upsets parents as an excuse to take children.
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The Adoption and Safe Families Act (ASFA, Public Law 105-89) was signed into law by former President Bill Clinton on November 19, 1997, and stated that the bill “makes clear that children’s health and safety are the paramount concerns.”Form First Lady, Hillary Clinton cited the Act as “the achievement which she initiated and shepherded that provided her with great satisfaction.”

What Bill and Hillary Clinton failed to envision, is the possibility of the ASFA funding causing American families nationwide to have their families torn apart for reasons that DHFS; or Child Protective Services, the department that oversees children and families, would do anything to twist and taint the facts of most if not all innocent families to rip their families apart in order to fit the criteria of the ASFA funding requirement. The CPS fraudulently with statewide immunity can crush American families at any time around the clock to take children away from their homes and make up stories based on some facts about the family’s situation, and then use those facts to exaggerate a condition in becoming eligible for ASFA funding.

According to a the Onion, on 2/24/17 3:02PM, “WASHINGTON—Saying no one in the country is responsible or reliable enough to serve as a legal guardian, child protective services officials from all 50 states confirmed Friday that they had found all of the nation’s adults unfit to be parents and had taken custody of approximately 80 million children.”

Just in time, mayoral candidate of San Francisco, Ellen Zhou, whom currently lost to Mayor London Breed, explains in her websites and publications the corruption of the “city” of how the Department of Human and Family Services, CPS is manipulating the entire scheme; from raiding civilian homes (justifying by any random “reporter” triggering the detaining of a child or children) without requiring any credible verification; to the child(ren) thrown into as shelter world with strangers, bullies, and all livelihood restrictions. (Ellen Zhou was a CPS who specializes in ripping children from their families.) When asked in May of 2019, to rescue children and reunite families, Ellen said, “I am really good at ripping families apart. That is what I do. I enjoy every bit of it. If you have children taken away, I suggest you go out and watch a movie to get your mind off of your children.”

The CPS brainwashes the children into court; for example, “your mom/dad made a mistake, and now we have to protect you from harm. Your mom/dad is mentally disturbed, and we want you to be well.” But, the children forced through many stranger foster homes, adoption (where their identity is locked for 99 years to prevent parents from finding them forever). According to the Child Welfare Information Gateway, “Obtaining Birth and/or Adoption Records in most States, adoption records are sealed after an adoption is finalized. The adopted person, birth parents, and adoptive parents must follow procedures established by the State to obtain identifying confidential information from the adoption records, but they may be able to obtain non-identifying information from the agency that arranged the adoption. This section contains resources that address accessing adoption records (including original birth certificates and other vital records) in each State and obtaining adoption records for an intercountry adoption.”

The truth is, with all the immunity the CPS workers are enjoying, how is it that the monitoring people of ASFA credible themselves from separating their personal interests from their fellow CPS workers? (If there are any monitoring at all.) The conflict of interest is rampant throughout the ASFA incentive distribution process; and corruption is a cooperative system within the CPS closed-doors non-justice system, where the public counsel for parent(s) works hundreds of cases with the workers, sometimes on a daily basis, whereas in order to live with each other, they work with each other. And who suffers? The parents, the children, and America’s families.

Nancy Schaefer, who served in the Georgia State Senate from 2004 to 2008; was a champion of opposing the Department of Children and Families Services. “After four years of investigation, on November 16, 2007 she published a report entitled “The Corrupt Business of Child Protective Services”. The report caused her to lose her position as a Georgia State Senator. Schaefer was found dead at her home in Turnerville, Georgia in Habersham County on 26 March 2010 with a single gunshot wound to her back along with her husband of 52 years, Bruce Schaefer who was found with a single gunshot wound to his chest. Police concluded the deaths to have been a murder–suicide perpetrated by her husband, but the motive for the murder was unclear and never established.” Nancy Schaefer’s speech:

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CPS workers, and the DHFS system spends all day manipulating the situation and covering up the truth. CPS workers go as far as destroying evidence, instructing their network doctors what to do or say towards the parent(s) or child(s) health or mental conditions disregarding the family’s true conditions. No matter what the children or the parent(s) say, the CPS continues their stubborn ways, and insist that the families have issues so to keep their paychecks and bonuses coming. Due to ASFA’s spendthrift spending on incentivizing the workers and their lack of comprehension on the utterly crucial importance of family unity; that is the basic building blocks of a great community, and thus, making America great.

No matter how hard United States work on Homeland Security and being the biggest spenders in the world on ballistics; not resolving this family crisis caused by ASFA funding and the people’s irreparable mistake behind it; must end immediately if America wants to be great and have a lasting influence on our coming generations. Does CPS think that their dominance over families with the abuse of power with the laws will stop the parents and the children from being together? Everything will come back to haunt the CPS, DHFS, Juvenile Dependency judges, and lawyers involved in the corruption. Their need for raping innocent young children may be another motivator behind the large incentive.

According WCVB 5’s Kathy Curran, on May 16, 2019, DCF has hired 350 new social workers and 110 new supervisors as well as a medical director, medical social workers, and addiction experts. The goal is to drop caseloads so social workers can spend more time with children and families.

And just this week, the department, together with the union, rolled out a series of initiatives to support foster homes.

“That’s really what this is all about, is helping kids have good lives,” Sudders said.

“Do you think the department is doing that?” Curran asked her.

“I think the department is improving because you know what? The department should always be a work in progress because, until such time that no child is abused or neglected in the Commonwealth, we always have to strive to do better,” Sudders said.

When we think of the annihilating impact on children, two brothers came forward as adults and told their story to 5 Investigates, that exposed the failures of the system which robbed them of the loving childhoods they so desperately needed. The details have, until now, been kept secret for more than a decade, sealed away in court documents and police reports and confidential child welfare records.

“I don’t know what it’s like to be a kid. I never really had a childhood,” John Williams said.

Nathan Williams, left, and John, as boys, after they were removed from their abusive foster home.

Records obtained by 5 Investigates show John and Nathan telling police, social workers and others of the physical and mental abuse they suffered at the hands of their former foster mother, who was a registered nurse, and her live-in boyfriend in the early 2000s.

5 Investigates is not identifying the adults because they were never convicted of child abuse.

“You want to talk to us about all of the abuse?” 5 Investigates’ Kathy Curran asked the woman.

“No I don’t want to,” she screamed. “Get out of here!”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” her former boyfriend told Curran, then he drove away.

But police reports detail the horror — the boys telling officers they were beaten while naked with a pillow over their heads to stop them from screaming. Other court records show Nathan told others they were deprived of food, then force-fed. They were locked in a room or put in dog crates for hours.

“I’ll never forget all of the times I was thrown in a dog cage,” John said. “After school, was punishment every day, for the most part. It was jumping jacks naked, both me and my brother together. Standing with books held out.”

“I slept on plywood,” John added. “There was a bucket for me to go to the bathroom in.”

John and Nathan weren’t the only ones who said they were abused in the home. 5 Investigates has spoken to four other former foster children there. As adults, they’re all still haunted by the abuse. Some struggle with mental health, substance abuse issues. Two are behind bars, including Nathan.

Nathan eventually aged out of the foster care system, ended up homeless and raped a teenage girl in 2013. He is 25 years old and is about one-third into his 20-year sentence. He takes responsibility for his crime but says the abuse he suffered in foster care is partially to blame.

“I honestly felt like I was gonna die,” Nathan said from MCI-Norfolk.

“It’s hard to look at myself sometimes and know what I’ve done, and I’m sorry for what I’ve done, truly, and I try to better myself every day because of that,” he said. “I sit in here while the people that abused me and tortured me and did vile, disgusting things to me for years sit out in society and have their vacation house and get to go wherever they want, and live, (and) live well.”


Nathan Williams is serving a 20-year sentence for rape. He says he accepts responsibility for his crime, but believes his former foster mother and her boyfriend aren’t being held accountable.

He told us the trauma from what happened to him as a child destroyed him.

“He would throw us outside in the middle of winter,” Nathan said, referring to the woman’s boyfriend. “I’d be naked. And I remember he had this big detergent bottle that he filled with water and he put it outside with me while I’m out there shivering naked, and he’d bring me inside and put me in the tub full of ice cubes and make me sit there. And if I moved, then he’d beat me. And then he’d sit there and he’d laugh as he poured the detergent bottle on my head.”

In a police report detailing the abuse, John said his foster mother’s boyfriend smeared dog feces on his brother when Nathan didn’t clean up after the family’s dogs. Psychiatric records say Nathan was even forced to drink his own urine.

“I was 4 years old wondering, when is my next meal going to be, when there’s a kitchen full of food,” Nathan said. “I’m wondering if I’m going to get beaten and if I’m going to have to sleep in a dog cage tonight or if they’re going try to feed me dog food. I feel like I was robbed of my childhood.”

The boys told police they were both routinely beaten with the metal buckle of a dog leash.

“They’re heartless individuals. it wasn’t just beatings, he treated me like a slave,” Nathan said.

“I remember him hitting my brother so hard,” John said. “I’ll never forget it. How my brother looked dead in the face. That’s how hard he had hit my brother.”

“They took everything from us,” John said.

In the end, it wasn’t a teacher, police or a social worker who stopped the abuse. It was John, who at the age of 12 got off the school bus and kept going, running away from home, through the woods to a friend’s house and telling all to police.

That led to a dozen criminal counts of assault and child endangerment against the foster mother and her boyfriend.

But the charges were dismissed after the couple struck a deal with the Worcester County District Attorney: as long as they served probation with no issues, stayed away from the boys and the mother gave up her parental rights to the boys, all of the charges would be dismissed.


Part of the plea deal struck between John and Nathan’s former foster mother and the Worcester County District Attorney’s office.

A note in the court file indicates that the social worker and lawyer for DCF didn’t want the children to testify in the case because they were in stable foster homes.

Child welfare advocate Maureen Flatley called the case an epic failure of the system.


Child advocate Maureen Flatley  said, “The Commonwealth has failed these kids.”

State investigators substantiated neglect, sexual, emotional and physical abuse in the home numerous times. And before the woman’s boyfriend moved in, her husband – the children’s foster father — was convicted for sexually abusing two other children in the home. He was charged nearly two years before John ran away.

“To me the Commonwealth has failed these kids in a multitude of ways and make no mistake it’s the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ responsibility to keep them safe,” Flatley said.

It’s a failure felt keenly by the Williams brothers.

“Who failed you?” Curran asked John.

“Society,” he replied. “And DCF,” or the Department of Children and Families.

Nathan and John were both diagnosed with PTSD after they left the abusive foster home. John was also treated for aggressive behavior and mood disorders.


Psychiatric reports for Nathan and John show they have both been diagnosed with PTSD.

“Caseloads remained high, and we were really trying to put out fires and trying to do the best we could with the resources that we had,” he said.

Dontel Jeffers, another example, was beaten to death in 2005. Haleigh Poutre was beaten into a coma despite a dozen earlier reports of abuse or neglect. Little Jeremiah Oliver was missing for months before his body found in a suitcase dumped off of Interstate 190.

“The common response was one of outrage from the public and, and rightfully so, and demands at Beacon Hill that we’re going to fix the system and make sure this never happens again. And all those were just empty promises,” MacKinnon said.


Peter MacKinnon, now president of SEIU Local 509, remembers DCF as an overwhelmed agency in the early 2000s.

All that was supposed to change when the administration of Gov. Charlie Baker took over.

“The department, I would say, was in a crisis,” said Massachusetts Secretary of Health & Human Services Marylou Sudders.

Sudders was newly-appointed in August 2015 when 2-year-old Avalena Conway-Coxon died in an Auburn foster home. The investigation that followed pointed to yet another case of an overwhelmed agency. But this time, the state poured more money into the system than ever before, an additional 100 million to increase the number of social workers and resources and decrease caseloads.

However, the non-availability of workers may be the Department funding for their ongoing vacations. In San Francisco, for example, Amy Yim, a CPS social worker, went on over a month’s long vacation in July and August of 2019; and declares again, she will do another vacation this November and December 2019. The children’s attorney, Andrew Yee, just came back from a vacation in July and August and is non-responsive. The system keeps getting caught with their fraud doings and claims. The Department thinks that with their coercion against the parent(s) will submit to the worker’s ongoing lies, illegal demands, and expectations; by using their children’s well-being placed at stake.

When called to investigate a matter, removal of children from their homes, or any other conditions that will fit into ASFA funding eligibility, the Department suddenly has all the time, staff, and support in the world; whereas the department becomes overly staffed within hours. CPS abuses police power and raids homes or other locations at any time around the clock to take the children or throw parent(s) into jail.

“DCF has hired 350 new social workers and 110 new supervisors as well as a medical director, medical social workers and addiction experts. The goal is to drop caseloads so social workers can spend more time with children and families.”

I’ve only seen more time spent on writing up the families to take them to CPS closed-court proceedings where the children will get more justifications thrown at them so CPS can claim more funding on a permanent basis. Without the on-going reasoning obtained from “spending more time with children and families”, the CPS will not have such a great story-telling of current happenings to develop new plans that can move forward into 18 years of the child’s childhood, gone into CPS abuse.

Some lazier CPS workers would, however just take previous petition remarks on the family and exaggerate on the past and use it on the new petitions.

“And just this week, the department, together with the union, rolled out a series of initiatives to support foster homes.”

“That’s really what this is all about, is helping kids have good lives,” Sudders said.

“Do you think the department is doing that?” Curran asked her.


“I think the department is improving because you know what? The department should always be a work in progress because, until such time that no child is abused or neglected in the Commonwealth, we always have to strive to do better,” Sudders said.

But facts prove otherwise, “his brother in prison, his own life riven with instability, John Williams admits he finds it impossible, so far, to move past the pain and dysfunction that still dominates his life.

“I don’t know what it’s like to be a kid, but I do know what children need,” John Williams said. “It’s what we never got when we were young: love, care, compassion, and empathy.”

No American children deserve this. No children deserve this. CPS arrange teenagers to get drugged, then sex trafficked in group homes or sent away (later the CPS said the child(ren) ran away), sale of babies, and precious children getting entrapped, slaved, manipulated, drugged, medicated, tortured, deprived, beaten, neglected, abused, and burned to death. All the while the child(ren)’s biological parent(s) are not allowed to visit, know where their child(ren) are, talk to their children in any way that the CPS does not approve, such as the parent cannot know anything about the children’s school, medical treatments, health condition, or provide any gifts, care, love, and some CPS refuse the mother to breastfeed. Santa Clara County, for example, allows parents to bring vitamins for the child(ren); San Francisco requires sunscreen. Tracy, California, for example, does not let parents give vitamins, nail trimming.” nor grooming for the children, as of November 9, 2019.

The foster homes, adoption homes, or anyone else the CPS arranges the child(ren) to be with is/are instructed to “protect the child(ren) from their parent(s).” And expose the child(ren) to the rest of the world under the discretion of CPS custody. The child(ren) are forced to be with people they don’t trust and call them “dad” and “mom” or else, the foster homes won’t let them eat, deprive their necessities, or suspend visitation with their precious parents altogether, “forever.” The children are belittled, and mistreated, depriving them of everything anyone can come up with at different occasions, the child(ren) must put up with, and many child(ren) just shut down, act out, or retaliate, where the workers would inject the young children with medications to further destroy and to control the children, due to ASFA funding for hard to manage children, and, if CPS gets the children into that position, they will get a double incentive.

The CPS fabricates a supportive reunification plan, where nothing if anything followed through or court orders honored (primarily closed-court, behind-the-doors CPS court processes) by the CPS “workers”; and the workers would further allege the parent(s) to “have not done anything” for the reunification plan, regardless of all the parent(s)’ evidence of completion documentation. The CPS arranges visitation sites to “encourage bonding between parents and children and assist in the process of reunification,” yet, the actual visitation takes place in shelters, counseling rooms, foster homes, or arrangements where the children are not allowed to touch the toys, or anything “not allowed,” just staged to look like a conforming environment in a non-assistance capacity in order to receive ASFA funding. The CPS suspends the visit at any discretional moment, and “supervises and monitors” every second of the entire visit expects the families to act like robots in spending time together so that it satisfies the CPS working session for that day.

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VBR, visiting office for parent(s) to see their child(ren), in Tracy, California, on October 31, 2019
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VBR, visiting office for parent(s) to see their child(ren), in Tracy, California, on November 7, 2019

According to the Epoch Times, “In the fiscal year 2016, the federal government paid 47 states a total of $55.2 million in adoption incentive payments under the ASFA, according to congressional budget records. As of April 2018, the federal government had paid states a total of $613.9 million in ASFA incentive money.

Foster parents who adopt their foster children are also entitled to checks, courtesy of the ASFA.”

“They have social workers set in place, whose main objective is to commit perjury in the courtroom, to create a rationale for why to take the children and get paid. It’s almost like perjury is part of their job description,” Andrea Packwood, president of California Family Advocacy, told The Epoch Times, noting social workers’ proclivity to coach children about what to say in cases.

“If, for example, you have a neighbor who doesn’t like you or your politics, their allegations against you don’t even have to be substantiated. You could be the perfect parent, but if your garbageman doesn’t like you, that gets submitted as evidence,” Packwood said. “There’s a movement of people like Antifa who are using this for political motivations.”

The significant provisions of ASFA include:

  • Requires that States move to terminate parental rights for children who have been in Foster Care for 15 out of the last 22 months
  • Exceptions to the 15/22 rule include:[4]
    • When the child is in a Foster Home with a biological relative (Kinship Care)
    • When the Agency documents a compelling reason why parental termination is not in the Child’s best interest
    • When the State has failed to provide services necessary for reunification
  • Requires that Permanency Hearings held every 12 months
  • Clarifies cases in which States are not required to reunite Families (Aggravated Circumstances)
  • Expands family preservation and support services
  • Extends subsidies for adoptive children
  • Provides incentives for States to improve adoption rates
  • Requires States to document efforts to move children toward adoption
  • Expands health care coverage for adoptive children
  • Provides funding for efforts at encouraging adoption
  • Clarifies that interstate boundaries should not delay adoption.

Expert opinion has begun to validate the parents’ complaints that there’s something wrong with ASFA’s incentives.

DeLeith Gossett, a law professor at Texas Tech University, said in a 2018 Memphis Law Review article: “The act’s financial incentives have disrupted families permanently by the speedy termination of parental rights, without the accompanying move from foster care to adoptive homes. The programs that the Adoption and Safe Families Act govern thwart its very purpose as children continue to languish in foster care waiting for permanent adoptive homes, often until they age out of the system into negative life outcomes.”

Cassie Statuto Bevan helped draft the ASFA. She told the Chronicle of Social Change: “ASFA blamed for leaving many children as orphans, and that certainly wasn’t the intention of ASFA. There has been concern we moved to permanency but didn’t pay attention to the parents’ needs.”

The ideology of the Clinton bureaucrats who worked on the law might explain its focus. “What happens to children depends not only on what happens in the homes but what happens in the outside world,” Mary Jo Bane, who served as the Clinton administration Department of Health and Human Services’ assistant secretary of children and families, said in a 1977 interview.

“We don’t know how to raise children. If we want to talk about equality of opportunity for children, then the fact that children raised in families mean there’s no equality. It’s a dilemma. To raise children with equality, we must take them away from families and communally raise them.”

The fact is, CPS reunification plans for parents include the Triple Parenting class 2019, and Parent Orientation class where the class teaches parents how to “submit to CPS or else your kids will not be returned.” And, even if the parent(s) do submit, CPS comes up with a world of justifications to not return the children. The bottom line is, why would they? ASFA won’t fund them if there’s no child taken.

There are a handful of children that did get returned to their biological parent(s) and families reunited; only to find out that the children are taken away again in a short time later. The fabrication of CPS worker’s works makes it a compelling story as if they are “saving the children from their parents.” But, it’s actually the parent(s) that are protecting their children from all harms of the world. Compared to anyone else, no one can replace biological parents.

Mary Jo Bane, the assistant secretary of the DHFS to Bill Clinton doesn’t know how to raise children, and the tendency for the CPS to use workers that are single with no children to supervise parent(s) on how to raise their children is of grave concern to America. CPS workers continue to diagnose parents with mental issues if they cannot justify the removal of children based on drugs, alcohol, or abuse. The CPS workers however are not required to go through objective mental testing themselves, before supervising any families; and CPS forces parent(s) to take a psychological 730 Evaluation where the test is only allowed to be taken by CPS network doctors who are part of their team. The 730 Evaluation would determine if the parent(s) is capable of being a parent to their child. Unfortunately, the 730 Evaluation is heavily tainted by questions that no one can pass as a good parent. For example, one question the parent would be asked is, “do you have depression?” and if the parent answers no, the second question is, “when you have depression, do you tend to eat more or less?” if you answered yes, then you’re admitting to being depressed by eating more. And, if you answered no, then you’re admitting to being depressed by eating less. Either way, the fact that you said you were not depressed means you are not clear about what you feel. Then the answers will heavily impact your results, and ultimately, CPS will use this so-called scientific test by a Ph.D. psychologist/psychiatrist illegally justifying that the parent is mentally disturbed.

In October 2016, lawyers for officials in California’s Orange County argued in a civil case that social workers whose lies resulted in the removal of children from their parents had the right to commit perjury in the case and were entitled to immunity. The U.S. District Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit rejected the argument.

Parents in custody battle due to separation or divorce are also ripe targets for CPS to take custody of children. CPS has every father’s behavior as inappropriate for being a parent, and everything the mother does, labeled as incapable of self-sufficiency to rear children.

The Act is open to the public, and anyone can look into details of the Act by going: or “H.R. 867 — 105th Congress: Adoption and Safe Families Act of 1997.” 1997. November 9, 2019 or

Visit Dawn E. Worswick’s childhood’s traumatic story from CPS victimization; (a child speaks out):

We are raising money to save as many CPS victims as possible; from my family to yours; all across the nation. Families are torn apart without resources to fight the tough and ongoing struggle against CPS torture. Help us save lives!

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