San Francisco Voter Guide states, “Chesa Boudin is a bold, progressive public defender who was inspired to fight for criminal justice reform because he grew up with incarcerated parents and understands how harmful our current system is. As a public defender, Chesa has already led the fight for our sanctuary city policies, or immigration defense services, and end top cash bail. As. District Attorney he will ensure bad landlords, corporations, white-collar criminals, and police officers are held accountable, and he will stand up for all of us… All three opponents are career prosecutors who would be serving the status quo: expanding the prison industrial complex.”

During the campaign debates, I’ve had a chance to personally visit the candidates. On my visit with Leif Dautch, I asked Leif for some suggestions per criminal justice procedures. Leif asked me for documents that were immediately available on E-mail; however, Leif said he’s not going to look at it because the “judges are always lied to, and if you don’t have the document right now on paper in front of you, that means you’re lying.”

When I asked the same question to Chesa Boudin, he responded, “of course I’ll help you any way I can.”

When asked Suzy Loftus, she walked away, and her staff, Vinny, came over and said that “Suzie Loftus is more concerned about campaigning right now and do not have time to help you.” I tried on two other occasions, and Vinny said the same thing.

When asked Nancy Tung, she looked the other way.

When choosing a Public Defender for San Francisco, being “the first open race for District Attorney since 1909,” the candidates’ true responses to someone’s personal needs, reveals how that candidate treat voters. Clearly, we can see who deserves everyone’s precious vote on November 5, or sooner.

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